Cons of Renting vs Pros of Buying a Home

Looking to build wealth and escape the rental cycle? Discover the financial benefits of homeownership! According to Jed Kolko, chief economist at Trulia, buying a home can be up to 45% cheaper than renting. By owning a home, you’ll be building equity, enjoying tax benefits, and taking control of your living space.

Renting comes with many disadvantages such as no equity building, limited pet options, and the landlord’s right to evict you at any time. However, owning a home provides stability, a sense of belonging, and the freedom to renovate and decorate your property as you wish.


Owning a home can also bring financial benefits such as tax breaks and savings over time. Cher’s co-ownership program makes homeownership simple and affordable for first-time buyers. With co-ownership, you can multiply your buying power and afford homes that you wouldn’t be able to on your own.

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