Are you considering Co-Ownership?

There are three main routes to co-own a property:

  • Tenancy in Common
  • Forming an LLC
  • Lease-to-Own, potentially with down payment help.
  • These methods, popular in California, offer various possibilities and can be tailored to your needs. For more insight into co-ownership and to customize your path to shared homeownership, get in touch with us!

    Perks of Co-Owning a Home


    The average California homeowner gained $57K in equity last year.

    Afford nicer

    Multiply your buying power to afford nicer homes in higher appreciating areas.

    A fast way into homeownership

    The perfect way to transition from renting to owning and living in your dream home.

    Get out Of

    Stop your landlord raise the cost of living and become a homeowner.

    Co-ownership Arrangements

    Enjoy shared homeownership.

    1. TIC Loans

    TIC is when two or more owners share ownership of the same property as Tenants In Common.

    2. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Limited liability companies offer three main advantages when buying a home.

    3. Lease to Own

    Our "lease to own" program is a great option if you need down payment assistance.