The best co-ownership option if you’re looking for down payment assistance

Lease to Own Program

If you need down payment assistance, our “lease to own” program is a great option.

CHER will provide you with down payment assistance (up to 16.5%), and you’ll be on a lease to own until the down payment is payed back to CHER (+ monthly interests).

This co-ownership program is available for multi-family and single-family homes.

Other Co-ownership Options


If Credit Score 500-579:

  • Down payment needed is 10%.
  • CHER will provide 6.5%.

If Credit Score 620 + LLC is formed:

  • Down payment needed is 10%.
  • CHER will provide 6.5%


If Credit Score 720 + Tenants in Common:

  • Down payment needed is 15%.
  • CHER will provide 11.5%.

*Contact us to see if you can qualify for a TIC Loan or other co-ownership arrangements.

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