Let’s learn more about Cher®! What do our services look like?

Cher® is the first real estate platform helping renters earning low to moderate income achieve primary residential homeownership through co-ownership. We do this by utilizing our all-in-one software and hands-on support that streamlines the process of shared homeownership where buyers co-own to build equity in higher rates of appreciating homes and later sell their fractional ownership.

Our goal is to provide a transparent and seamless process for buyers to co-own and invest in real estate. We make it easier for buyers to qualify for a mortgage, reduce the cost of ownership, and build wealth through home appreciation. Our services provide access to competitive in-house loan products, customer service support, legal contracts, TIC Loans, LLC formations, down payment assistance, data feeds to thousands of homes via MLS partnerships, Real Estate Brokers, educational resources, and opportunities to meet other pre-qualified co-buyers to co-own with or fractionally sell to.

We also have affiliates to provide special legal help if our co-owning templates provided for free want to be changed. From CPAs, attorneys, property management companies, and escrow companies to better hold money in case of repairs, we are here to help you!

Looking to kickstart your house hunting journey? Take the first step by scheduling an appointment with us today! Our expert team is ready to guide you through the entire process and help you find your dream home. Don’t wait any longer, start your search with us now!