Are you looking to buy a home? Here's how we can help you

Each year there has been a growth in homeownership equity.

Buying a home can be a stressful process, especially when looking for an affordable location in the area. According to CoreLogic’s issued Homeowner Equity Insights Report, there was a first-quarter equity growth year over year in almost every state, averaging out to a 6.5% overall gain.

Moreover, Co-ownership is a great way to improve your children’s credit while helping them build equity early on. Doing so will allow you to build generational wealth across your family. 

Here’s how Cher can help you:

  • If you earn income and have a 500 credit score or above, you can save an average of $5000 and be eligible for special 3.5% down payment programs with CHER!
  • CHER can connect you with reliable real estate investors that look for a long-term investment and will help you build equity faster by co-owning with you.

Our unique custom contracts will protect you in case of contingencies and allow you to sell the property on your own terms. Use our FREE tools to co-own your new dream home today!

Now is a great time to consider leveraging your equity and making a move, especially while the opportunity is open. Let’s connect to explore your equity position and make your next move a reality. Call (323) 551-9226 or email to get the process started!

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