Are you ready to settle down in California? Well, purchasing a home is one step we at Cher® can help with! Not only do we assist first-time homeownership through co-ownership, but our programs save you time and money!

You can find this information here on our website! However, continue reading to learn more about Cher® and the steps needed to purchase a home with us!

1. Contact One Of Our Brokers

To get the process started, get in contact with our Cher® brokers. They’ll support you in buying a home and check if you qualify for any loans. With our services, Cher® offers a $500 rebate when using any of our real estate brokers. If you decide to get a loan with us and use our brokers, you will earn a $750 rebate at closing costs.

To schedule a call with one of our Cher® brokers, give us your preferred date and time at this link, and we’ll be in touch soon!

2. Search For Your Home, Today!

The second step is probably the most memorable phase in this process, house hunting. You can find the perfect home on our state-of-the-art website by going to our portal, logging in (or signing up) to check out our listings, and free downloadable content to help you!

3. Determine If You Want To Co-Own

Whether you want to share your future home with friends or family, knowing you can co-own with our help and resources, you’ll be able to weigh out your best option. To learn more about co-ownership possibilities, check out our past blog post, How Can I Co-own a Property?

4. Secure A Loan With A Low Down Payment

With help from our team, you can get approved fast for low-interest loans, even if you have a poor credit history or a low income. We provide loans down to a 500 credit score while still showing you homes with the newest loan programs, tools, and methods to make sure you own your dream home. 

Want to learn some valuable tips for fixing poor credit? Stay tuned for our next blog post!

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