Should you form an LLC to co-buy a home?

As more and more people are getting into the housing market, there is an increasing number of people looking for creative ways to purchase a home. One option on the table is forming an LLC to co-buy a home with another person or people. Although it could be considered a great option, there are a few things to consider before making this decision.

Consider the potential financial benefits
When you co-buy a home, you will be breaking the transaction up into two parts – the investment portion, and the personal residency portion. Forming an LLC for the investment portion can shield assets from future liability, protect members from becoming responsible for each other’s debts, and establish a unified governance structure for the property. It could also provide tax benefits.

Consider the legal and administrative requirements
Creating an LLC is a relatively easy and inexpensive process, but it does require paperwork and compliance. Depending on which state you form the LLC in, there will be different requirements for filing, annual reporting, and taxes.

Think about the decision from a practical standpoint
When co-buying a home with an LLC, all members of the LLC will be expected to contribute financially, and decisions will need to be made by unanimous vote if the LLC is to be managed by all members. This could be complicated, and if there is disagreement or conflict among the members, it could be damaging to the LLC.

Ultimately, whether you should use an LLC to co-buy a home depends on your specific situation and goals. Before making a decision, you should consult with an attorney or financial advisor to weigh your options and make the best choice for your needs.