A popular co-owning choice for unmarried couples, siblings, and groups of friends.

What is a TIC Loan?

TIC is when two or more owners share ownership of the same property as Tenants In Common.

Although they share ownership, each of the co-owners has a right to a percentage of the title and can enjoy their own space or unit.

Under the TIC agreement, you can sell or gift your share and decide who inherits your interest. TIC also allows for different ownership percentages.

Multiple owners can split the costs of property ownership among themselves and have two loans on the same property (one for each co-owner).


Credit score: 700 FICO for employed, 720 for self-employed

Down payment: 10% of the purchase price

Employment and reported income history for two years

A 6-month reserve is required for a primary residence

Ideal for 2-4 unit properties

Only applicable to primary and secondary homes.

*Contact us to see if you can qualify for a TIC Loan or other co-ownership arrangements.

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